Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fashion Optimism.

The world might have wars and warming on its mind, but the fashion world is still one great optimist. At the Paris shows last month, some of the biggest names painted the fashion future, and it was bright.

Balenciaga was voted by many as leader of the pack, Nicolas Ghesquière’s floral armour had models iron-clad in bold silk mini dresses, capped sleeves and hand-span waists. He then doused them in peonies, hibiscus and chrysanthemum – talk about a floral revolution.

Another flower child, Stella McCartney created a virtual garden of cloth, with bouquet-covered silk voile jumpsuits, parachute blazers and silk georgette dresses. It was a garden party without the annoying neighbour…just embossed porcelain and iced-cupcakes.

Dries van Noton mixed flowers like they were cocktails but emerged without a headache. Combining tropical print with floral motifs and chunky jewellery, the collection packed more colour than 72 Derwents. Spring greens were splashed over violent golds, in a celebration of colour as much as it was a testimony of van Noton’s material skill.

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