Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fat Free Accessories.

What if we said that you could indulge in creamy macaroons, whipped cream rings, choc-dipped banana and scooped ice-cream without gaining a gram? You can. It’s called Q-Pot

Hailing from Harajuku, Japan, Q-Pot is an accessories company with a major sweet tooth. Surprisingly, founder Tadaaki Wakamatsu has perfect pearlers, probably because the treats he produces are for fingers, necks and wrists – not mouths. In crafting each piece Wakamatsu studies the shape and
form of his subject in depth. Testing legions of biscuits, cakes and creams
(hard life!) to create the perfect whipped-banana rings or soft macaroon
necklaces. Sold from a chocolate covered store in Tokyo (or at Incu, Via Alley, Harry Highpants and The Outpost in Oz) the label is not just about fat-free accessories - but interaction between people. Food is something that every person in every country can connect over, without reference to language or even culture. See a choc-dipped banana hunk on someone’s index and it’s hard not to bite…
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