Monday, December 17, 2007

Yummy Mummies in the Park. By Melanie Moss.

Have you ever noticed that Yummy Mummies are all starting to look the same? It seems to me that the schoolyard is no longer the place to be cool, its now the play-yard.

I took a friend’s toddler to the park the other day in practice for my upcoming servitude (yes I know I’m mad). Here I was heavily preggers wearing a plain white lycra singlet, black lycra roll top pants and thongs. Believe me, if they came in lycra I’d be wearing those too. I figured there wasn’t much need to dress up I was probably going to get some child’s ice-cream smooshed into my top anyway, so I just threw my look together, swept my hair up and headed down to the park.

It quickly became apparent that the days of running out of the house, screaming toddler in tow, competing with the other mums for the title of most sleep deprived are long gone. I was surrounded by Citizens of Humanity jeans with just the right amount of fade, sleek blow-dried hair (not the “Double Bay Blond” kind but the shiny natural healthy kind), tan leather totes and lattes.

Now I know I have discussed the point before that if your kid looks good you get extra style points, but the women here had taken it one step further. Pram brands are everything, and a designer bag gives you instant access to the club – weekly blow dry or not.

How does one keep up? I got to talking with some of these women thinking surely they must have an army of help giving them enough time to look fabulous each day, but it’s not the case.

When you glance closer the overall style is simple, classic and easy care. Its all about getting the right pieces and having some fun baby friendly accessories.

As always, a great pair of jeans is an essential - I saw plenty of Tsubi, Citizens and Sevens, but the pick of the bunch was a cute pair of white summer cropped jeans from Target. These had a bit of stretch to them that the wearer was more than happy to show off.

The general uniform at the park consists of jeans, basic singlets in all colours – try Baybeechino for great styles that allow feeding, and a cropped jacket beige is best here. Only one style of shoe per season cuts it - Ballet for cool, leather thong for warm. However, if you are going to open toe it, you had better make sure your pedicure is up to scratch. Nice and bright toes and classic baby pink fingernails.

When it comes to the beauty regime, these mums all agree unanimously that time away from the kids is the only way to stay sane. That time is then best spent at the hairdressers or nail bar. No nanny necessary either, just go with a friend (who also has kids) and each take turns taking a time out.

What stood out for me the most wasn’t the clothing, it was the kit that goes along with having a baby. The Yummy Mummy carries a Madison Rose leather tote bag filled with organic baby products and pure muslin wraps. She never ever carries a plain plaid picnic blanket or uses the change tables in the parent’s room, she brings along the softest Amelies Room picnic blankets and change mats to sit on and drink her coffee.

Remember the more designer the bag the less time you have to spend getting ready.
Lucky I had just had a manicure and was carrying a failsafe Chloe……always counts for something……


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Romper Stomper. By Melanie Moss.

So I’m sitting here at my laptop on a cold, rainy weekday looking out the window at the poor people struggling past me in wet weather gear, umbrellas and ruined shoes thanking the powers that be that I didn’t have to get out of my jammies today.

There is certainly something to be said for working from home. As a personal stylist I’m sure people think I sit around drinking fresh cups of tea on pure white lounges filled with chintz cushions. The truth is oft more grizzly. Take today for instance. I haven’t had a shower yet, am still in my flannies, my cats are resting on my lap and I have a jug of orange juice beside me with no glass. Oh the joy of drinking straight from the bottle………….

I guess the only saving grace I have left is that I would never let anybody see me like this. In fact it’s in this weakened state of fashion that I am even telling you the bare truth. You have to ask yourself one question, would I answer the door to a courier wearing this outfit. If the answer is no – and in my case it’s a very emphatic NO! then its time to clean out the pajama / around the house draw and grab some groovy basics.

The fact that its so miserable outside is the perfect excuse to shop online and have it sent straight to your door.

I always start at Peter Alexander and buy an ensemble that matches. The polka dot tie front pants, singlet and slippers are a great option and don’t look too bad for putting out the rubbish or greeting the postie.

Elle MacPherson Intimates do the softest black jersey loungewear, lace trimmed singlets and spencers at Zodee, and best of all, no one will know the difference if you walk to the corner store for the papers in them. Just take the fluffy heeled slippers off first……..

For a total flat out like a lizard watching telly day and the ultimate in couch potato style, look no further than Midnight Romp for romper suits, dressing gowns and footed pajamas! Yep you heard me pajamas with attached slippers! It doesn’t get any better than that in my book.

With rain forecast for the weekend, and my order of footed jammies on the way I should be able to work my whole way through Martha Stewarts back catalogue on Foxtel.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fashion Designer Top 5 Logos

Kind - an integrated element for almost all with the approach to style and elegance in way which it or it appears. And in the today's competitive world, there are certain author's marks, which ranzhirovany above the others. They are responsible for creation and popularisation of new tendencies in a fashion, and some of them have reached almost similar guru of a condition because of their huge popularity. Thus, some author's emblems managed to reach the international recognition unlike others. These author's emblems are synonymous with a high-efficiency kind, charm, elegance and style. They - emblems of corporations which operate the kind world.

Designer Chanel Logo

The firm of Designer Chanel Logo'The Chanel ’ is the popular French author's firm established in Paris, based Gabrielloj Bonheur "Coco" Chanel. Fashion house Chanel world famous clothes for the line, spirits and other fashionable accessories.

Designer Chanel Logo is protivovkljuchennoj blocking, being imposed on double C. Coco Chanel projected it in 1925, based on its own initials. It Logo - certainly most known and widely distinguished designer Logo in the world. It is continuously projected on many of author's auxiliary programs Chanel’s. Because of its boldness and simplicity, it managed to leave a print on minds of many people. This designer Logo is class and distinctive, and firm Chanel as a kind in graphic images the mark successfully represents.

Designer Hermès Logo

Designer Hermès Logo'HermКs - also the French author's corporation. It is directly connected with faultless taste and the first class style. This label is given fairly so, is simple because each of their products of the first-rate quality and is made laboriously with limiting care and accuracy. Designer Hermès Logo represents a horse and the carriage. It is very symbolical Logo and it was used by family Hermès to show, how their company has developed with changing times. Itself Logo exhales the ancient superiority, a heritage and it makes sense heights.

Designer Versace Logo
The designer of Designer Versace LogoThe Versace Logo, unlike any another, is interesting illustrative designer Logo. It is symbolically connected with the Greek mythology which shows the bound snake to a head of the Jellyfish, evilish a symbol from the Greek mythology who has transformed spectators into a stone. This author's Logo does justice Gianni Versace, to the founder of the company which has been absorbed by classical themes. According to it, Medusaw seemed the right choice as, "it - an embodiment of fatal appeal”. Logo represents sense of a seducing and chronology and symbolises goddess Versace for whom clothes Gianni’s are made. It beautifully projects image Versace to be stuffy, to be charming and is excessive. Because of its unique design itself Logo looks very artistic and semiboldface when it is used on products Versace. Mark Versace is known for creation of risky, sensual and beautiful clothes.

Designer Givenchy Logo

Designer Givenchy LogoGivenchy is mainly known for its line of spirits just as clothes and jewelry. Author's Logo Givenchy is very attractive even thus, that it is very simple. It however leaves the valid impression on viewing means. Logo consists from quadruple ' G ', forming bolshy a square. It is semiboldface linear Logo nevertheless, it creates sense of fluidity. This symbol reminds of the Celtic jewelry with a similar kind of difficult and thin design; the symmetric used nature is extremely attractive also.

Designer Lui Vuitton Logo

Designer Lui Vuitton LogoLouis Vuitton is mainly known it monogrammed for handbags, luggage and other fashionable accessories. Hence, designer Lui Vuitton Logo is widely known and distinguished. It is the stylised Japanese inspired flower motive, representing the mark initials. A font used for this purpose Logo, distinguish more likely, having very attractive reference, and effectively it is able to force to be allocated the initials.

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