Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Ode to the Maxi Dress. By Melanie Moss.


Oh maxi dress how fond of thee am I

Thy flattering jersey hangs softly at my side

You leave me free to butter my bread each side

As I don’t need to worry about the thighs I need to hide

I love a good maxi dress, have been wearing them for years. Born into a family without the best legs, they been my saving grace on many an occasion. I do worry about my daughter though as I pass on the family curse, although to look on the bright side I do have a smaller than usual waist…….

This summers fashion is built on the foundation made last season by designers with maxi dresses appearing on catwalks, in the windows of chainstores and even on the stage of Idol, not that I watch it…..

The trick to a good maxi dress is to play up your assets and hide the rest. You don’t want some unsuspecting stranger to walk up to you on the street, pat your belly and ask when you are due. Too much excess fabric isn’t good for anybody and in particular with the maxi dress.

The best styles to choose in this case are the triangle bust styles. Tree of Life have done a great range of printed maxi dresses this year in a halter style that brings the eye upwards. You can further emphasise what God gave you with an oversized necklace, try Dinosaur Designs or Diva.

On the flip side, a maxi dress can be great for pregnancy. Jersey is the pick of the bunch here and you need look no further than Just Jeans. Plenty of fabric in the bust, plus wide straps to cover those awful bras they make us wear.

Everyone looks good strapless especially those of us needing to add a little shape. Grab a cotton boobtube with built in bra from Supre and their printed strapless jersey dress with keyhole detail. Match with oversized earrings and diamonte flats from Country Road, grab a martini and sit by the pool feeling fabulous. Perfect for mums with toddlers, not only are you comfortable, you will be the envy of the pram pack for your effortless style.

You could even say that the maxi dress is sun smart and economical. By covering yourself from the neck down you are not only fashionable in the extreme but you are saving yourself from hours of sunscreen application!

What a clever little piece of clothing you are dear maxi dress…………….

Image Credits - Clockwise from top left: Primark, Virgo Fashions, Dinosaur Designs, CR Issadora Thongs.

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