Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Collaboration Nation.

Here at Tragic, we talk a bit about colabs. So it seems fit to draw into the discussion one of the most epic local fashion/store collaborations of them all, ‘Designers for Target…style by design’

It’s become a sort of local fashion lore. When Stella McCartney released for Target in March 2007, women cued up around the block to catfight over her range. However, a month later, racks were full with mark-downed items.

Few before her had caused such a furore (T.L. Wood, Tina Kavalis and Alice McCall) but few had left the racks so full. Josh Goot has fared a similar fate, his fast fashion left lingering on the floor. Still, designers Yeojin Bae and Gail Sorronda have just released through the store, making a new season of colab creation.

So what are the benefits of a collaboration nation? On the up side, we have once inaccessible designers at market price. On the other? A trend-obsessed phenomenon that prioritises commercial clout over innovative design.

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